Optical Path Demonstration Set of 2

Product Code: JL--818

For demonstrating the phenomenon of total internal reflection in a guide or a fiber. Thereby leading to the understanding of principles used in fiber optics and optical communications. If a ray of light is introduced from one end, e.g. from a light box or laser, it can be observed that it is reflected many times from the internal surface of the bar and then emerge from the other end. The lower surface of the bar is white to help in observing the path of the light. Acrylic Bars Set, 1 straight and 1 ‘ S ‘ shaped.

Straight: 7.5 inch (190mm) L x 0.8 inch (20mm) Sides 
‘S’ Shape: 8.5 inch (215mm) L x 0.8 inch (20mm) Sides

A preview of the included instructions can be found at the bottom of this listing.

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