Disc Centrifuge

Product Code: JL--6483

  • Technical Description:-
  • A disc centrifuge can be used to separate mixtures of non-inter-soluble liquids.
  • The emulsion to be separated is prepared in a stirred tank.
  • Water/oil is recommended for use as the emulsion.
  • A stirring machine with a speed control mixes the two liquid phases.
  • In the course of the mixing process the oil droplets are distributed ever more finely in the water.
  • When the droplet sizes are smaller the emulsion remains stable for longer.
  • A pump delivers the emulsion up into the centre of the rotating centrifuge.
  • The emulsion is delivered by way of the distributor base via riser ducts into the disc intermediate chambers.
  • The driving force of the separation process is centrifugal force.
  • It ensures that the specifically heavier liquid particles (water) are drawn more strongly towards the outside than the specifically lighter liquid particles (oil).
  • The settling distance and time are shortened by the disc arrangement set at an oblique angle to the field of acceleration.
  • On the underside of the rotating discs the specifically heavier portion of the emulsion moves downwards and outwards.
  • The lighter portion flows inwards on the top side of the discs.
  • The separated liquids exit the centrifuge by way of outlets and can be collected in tanks.
  • The rotation speed of the centrifuge can be adjusted by way of a potentiometer.
  • A valve is used to adjust the flow rate of the emulsion due to be separated.
  • Various types of stirrer are available to perform the stirring.
  • A photometer is recommended for analysis of the separated fractions.
  • The operating and service instructions form the basis for learning how to perform an extensive range of maintenance and inspection operations on the centrifuge.
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