Temperature Control Apparatus

Product Code: JL--6462

  • Technical Description:-
  • This instructional system is used to examine a simple temperature control unit.
  • It consists of clearly arranged modular experimental panels which are suspended in a frame and connected with cables.
  •  A soldering iron equipped with a thermal element is used as the temperature control system.
  • The temperature can be read on a digital display with a measuring transducer.
  •  The system includes a digital industrial controller which can be configured continuously as P, PD, PI and PID controller.
  • It is possible to also use it as a two-point controller.
  • The manipulated value can be indicated on a bar diagram.
  • An electronic power control completes the system.
  • The student has the opportunity to get familiar with the components of a control circuit, to interconnect them and vary their parameters.
  • All components are of a sturdy design and therefore well suited for student experiments.
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