Vertical Stand and Extras

Product Code: JL--4928

  • Features Free standing wall.
  • Saves or provides wall space.
  • Improves laboratory layout.
  • Two-sided for experiments.
  • No bench space needed.
  • Description A vertical steel post 1.65 m high attached to a 650 x 450 mm base plate with adjustable feet.
  • A roughly triangular cross frame, which accepts fixing bolts up to 12 mm at centers between 60 and 400 mm, is fixed at 1.65 or 1.04 m height.
  • A work table can be added at an intermediate position.
  • A duplicate cross frame and work table can be added to the opposite side of the post for two sided working to make better use of the laboratory.
  • Services Required Optional Extras - Ancillaries; Duplicate Cross Frame Work Table.
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