ABBE Refractometer

Product Code: JL--4877

  • Designed for accurate and quick examination of the (a) Refractive index (b) Mean dispersion of liquids, solids and powder.
  • ND Range: ND 1.300 to ND 1.700 in step of 0.001.
  • Accuracy: 0.0002.
  • Sugar (Percentage):0 to 95% in steps of 1 division.
  • Accuracy: 0.5% Temperature:0-1000C.
  • The body of the instrument is fixed having a leaning of 600, correct refractive index and sugar percentage can be read directly in the field.
  • It consist of a abbe double prism compensator, telescope mirror limb, graduated sector, reading magnifier and a radial arm which carries a vernier.
  • Abbe double prisms leaves a narrow space(about 0.1mm.) between the adjoining faces of prism and compensator consists of the prisms which serves for rendering the line of achromatic separation.
  • A thermometer is fitted on the double prism.
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