LAN Trainer

Product Code: JL--1512

LAN Trainer 

Object : 
Study of LAN (Local Area Network)

Features :
Three sets of onboard cabling setup for Ethernet

On board parallel port direct cable connection setup

On board serial port direct cable connection setup

A 10 mbps hub is provided onboard with the circuitry exposed

The power supply circuit for Hub is provided onboard

A separate Hub is also provides so to train students for multi Hub Networking

A set of 4 exhaustive manuals covering LAN hardware & cabling, software configurations protocols, terms & definitions

The trainer comes with a cable fabrication kit to provide hands on experience on real cabling

Specification (LAN Hardware) :
10/100 Mbps Ethernet Card : 3 Nos

UPT Straight cable with Connectors : 5 mtr.x 3 + ½ mtr.x3

Coaxial Cable with connectors and termination : 10 mtr

traight Parallel port cables : 2 Nos

Straight Serial port cables : 2 Nos

10 Mbps 8 port Hub. : 2 Nos

Set of patch cords for the Onboard cabling setup

Cable fabrication kit. : 8 RJ 45 male connectors, crimping tool & 10 mtr. UTP cables

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