Resistivity of Semiconductors by Four Probe Method at Different Temperatures and Determination of Band-Gap

Product Code: JL--1089

The experiment consists of the following :

(i) Four Probe Arrangement

(ii) Oven (upto 200ºC)

(iii) Sample : Ge Crystal mounted

(iv) Thermometer (0-200ºC)

(v)Four Probe Setup

(a) Constant Current power supply digital Accuracy : +0.25% of the reading +1 digit Load Regulation : 0.03% for no load to full load

(b)Electronic Millivoltmeter 200 mV Accuracy : + 0.1% of reading = 1 digit Impedence : 1 Mohm

Display : 3½ digit, 7 segment LED (12.5mm) height with auto polarity and decimal indication.

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